What to contribute

Recurring Expenditure:

Yearly expenditure for cloths Rs 42,000
Yearly expenditure of a single child Rs 38,000
Monthly expenditure for Rice Rs 18,000
Monthly expenditure for Provisions Rs 17,000
Monthly salary of a Physiotherapist Rs 6,000
Monthly salary of a Special Educator (DMR) Rs 4,000
Day’s expenditure of the Home Rs 4,000
Monthly expenditure of a Child Rs 3,000
Monthly salary of Speech Therapist Rs 3,000
Monthly salary of an Aaya Rs 3,000
Monthly Expenditure to Medicines Rs 3,000

Fixed Expenditure:

Sponsoring any one of the items belong to food, medicines, salaries, utilities, hygiene maintenance and hostel expenses; community awareness activities listed in Fixed asset requirementPDF