Hrudayalayam, Free residential special school and rehabilitation center

Hrudayalayam is the only organization for mentally retarded people that is working in rural and tribal areas of AP with our own funds without government funding.  It is the only institute for ‘intellectually challenged’ persons extending following services without age limitation for such people.

Hrudayalayam provide all basic rehabilitation services like early intervention, special education, boarding, lodging, medical aid and recreational facilities at free of cost to the MR children of different categories - orphans, semi orphans, HIV/AIDS affected children and multi disabled people etc. Our focus is to serve MR people hailing from families living in poverty.

After the initial diagnosis and analyzing the adoptive behavior of the child, the method of training is systematically planned and carried out on individual basis depending on the educational classification of the MR Child i.e. educable, trainable, and custodial.

Our goal is to make MR people live independently as much as possible at school, at home and in society. Hrudayalayam provide Special education with the support of psychological services; therapeutic services like physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy to overcome other disabilities; medical services to keep them healthy. Proper training and support to such children can make them adjust themselves to the demands at home, school and society.