Family counseling center

Usually parents have wrong beliefs, ideas and thoughts regarding causes and treatment of their mentally disabled child. They blame each other for being responsible for the birth of such child due to lack of awareness. Parents tend to believe that the child would become normal in due course of time. Hence counsellor gives correct information on the nature, causes, condition, management, and treatment of mentally retarded child. Family counseling center provide:  

(A) Information regarding the child’s condition of the mentally retarded child is provided to the parents. Our Counsellor explains it in simple words and gives enough trial. Also give information regarding management of his associated medical problem and other disabilities to the parents. The false hopes are avoided. Family is advised to -

  1. Learn about mental retardation. The more you know, the more you can help yourself and your child.
  2. Encourage independence in your child. For example, help your child learn daily care skills, such as dressing, feeding him or herself, using the bathroom, and grooming.
  3. Parents are helped in learning the skills of training by giving demonstration on how their training has helped the child to learn the few skills, so that parents can have a feeling of achievement.
  4. Break down jobs into smaller steps keeping child’s age, attention span, and abilities in mind. For example, if your child's job is to clean utensils.  Ask him/her to do one at a time. Tell him/her what to do, step by step, until the job is done. Demonstrate how to do the job. Help her when she needs assistance.
  5. Give your child frequent feedback. Praise your child when he or she does well. Build your child's abilities.
  6. Talk to other parents of MR children and share practical advice and emotional support. .

(B) Following awareness is created in the parents of the children to dispel the wrong  
      notions and beliefs about mental retardation.

  1. Some of the parents have the feeling of guilt that they are responsible for their child's condition. Hence, parents are explained that it is generally due to causes over which parents have no direct control.
  2. Some parents either reject or over-protect their MR child. Hence they are advised that such attitude of over protection, rejection should be changed so that the child can be helped to learn proper and reasonable training.
  3. Parents also feel that training of such child requires specialized skills and they may not be able to train their child. Hence, parents are explained that training of child does to need special or complex skills and the child can learn with repeated training in simple ways.
  4. Usually when parents bring the child for assessment they tend to believe that the whole management will be taken care of by the staff working for mentally retarded. Here again counsellor educate the parents about their role in training the child.

(C) Advises are given to parents on schooling to

  1. Meet with the school and develop an educational plan to address your child's needs.
  2. Keep in touch with your child's teachers. Offer them support. Find out how you can support your child's school learning at home.
  3. Find out what skills your child is learning at school. Find ways for your child to apply those skills at home. For example, if the teacher is going over a lesson about money, take your child to a shop with you. Help him count out the money to pay for your groceries. Help him count the change.
  4. Find opportunities in your community for social activities, such as recreation activities, sports, and so on. These will help your child build social skills as well as to have fun.